You gotta find what you love


This may be a little intense for some people. But you really have to find what you love and let it consume you. Because when you do this your life will be better. By better I mean it will be more enjoyable and you will enjoy getting out of bed everyday.

We all have experienced the feeling of waking up and saying well here goes another day of going to a Job that is life sucking. Well there’s no reason why you should just settle for that. The real reason that you settle for that is because you are comfortable or you may just lack motivation in wanting a better life.

When you are doing a thing and you feel very happy and emotionally attached to it live in the moment. Cherish those moments and then realize and understand the reason why you are so happy. Whether or not you believe it there is a reason you enjoy doing it so much.

This can be the same thing for someone who is a stock broker or even a real estate investor. They love either the money, the game or seeing something come from nothing. Clearly you know there’s more to it than just those couple things.

Tips on finding what you love

  1. How do you feel while doing it
  2. Does it speak to you?
  3. While doing it do you lose track of time?
  4. What do you want to do with it?
  5. Why did you choose it?

So with what it is that you currently are doing and you are enjoying let it consume you. Make sure its not something that will harm you or anyone else.