Driven by the fear of humiliation

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Nothing better than not being afraid.

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Not being afraid to fail completely out of the fear of humiliation is very valuable. Because lets take a second to think about, how afraid many of us are of looking bad. The same thing can be said for those who are afraid of raising their hand to answer a question they know the answer to.

So what I decided to do a long time ago is to let go of the fear of being afraid. This is as bit of confidence you have to start nourishing. Then you do little by little each day. For example if your in college sit at the front of the class or if you take public transportation sit at the front of the bus instead of the back. Basically do something differently to get rid of your fear.

Another thing is admitting when your wrong. Admitting your wrong in-front of people can be utterly self depreciating. Honestly you show yourself that your confident in your beliefs and that your not scared to admit that you do not know everything. This can also be called being transparent.

P.S I’ve got some great things coming for the site. and one more thing if you have not already downloaded a free wallpaper go do so before they are all gone.