How to deal with a critique in the wrong way


This is a great example of an artist being emotionally invested in her work. Then after hearing people being honest and critiquing her work she gets offended. Which then results to her getting angry and destroying the painting. I and I know you or someone you know has had to sit through a horrible critique.

The feeling of someone just telling you your work is not good and what is wrong with it can make you want to quit. Well when you have situations like this do not take it to heart. If your someone who does then being a designer/artist may not be for you. You have to realize that not everyone is going to like what you do. So therefore do your best every time. If someone does not like what you do then listen to their feedback and take it into consideration. Your best thing to do is to use those whom destroy your work verbally and tell you what you did wrong and etc to get better.

One thing to remember is you will have those whom critique your work and not tell you how you could’ve done it better. This is something I noticed very quickly when I’m in a critique. I always tried to help with critiques and be honest at the same time with the person. Because honesty will help you and the other person grow.