Get yourself together

If you are at a time in this year and your not together take sometime and get yourself together. Take time to re-evaluate your goals and etc. You may feel as if I cannot do it. I cannot get clients, I cannot get the junior design position I have been applying to. Keep at it.

Do not let little bits of failure keep you down. You have to outlast the pain, the defeat and repeated emails of the typical copy and pasted

“After reviewing your qualifications based on your experience we have decided to move forward with another candidate”.

Then when you email them and ask them what you could have done to be a better fit and they never respond. Just realize that you are going to get to where you can see yourself. Continue designing, networking and building your brand. Learning from experience for example you will get a call or email and your daily practice will come into play.

You know its better to be prepared then unprepared. Another thing is to not stay stagnate with your skills, knowledge and other things you know. Yes you may have a master, bachelors or associates degree but what are you doing with it. Are you putting what you learned to use or just passing the final was the the last time you used that knowledge. Also what are you reading? What are you doing to continue your journey to being the person you talk about or admire.

Have a great weekend