Everyone you meet

Whether or not you already have this mentality its the truth. We at times are so interested in never shutting up and letting the other person talk. When you shut up and listen to the other person you can learn so much. A good saying to remember is Knowledge speaks and wisdom listens.

Just take a second to think how much you will gain by listening. You gain insight from someone who has been through what you are going through or they may offer you help with something that you will experience further down your journey through life. The other thing is for you to make the decision whether they are credible or not.

Because you would not take advice from someone who has no idea about what you are doing. If you are a football player you would not take advice from someone who is a social worker on how to run a route and remember it exactly or how to keep a defender from stealing your pass. You want to have credible sources for everything. Because if you do not you will wind up who knows where.

When you do seek advice, help and etc from those who are credible it will be more valuable. Also you can learn from those who are failures. If you meet someone who is broke and penniless sit and talk with them. Learn their story and find out what you can do to prevent it. Because if you are not a curious or person who questions things you should probably start doing so.

Do not be afraid to ask people questions about things. Also to even ask them what their profession is and letting them know what you do. I feel as a designer that is something we can forget to tell people. So therefore do not be afraid to tell people what you do and to ask them questions.