Bully Yourself

By the title you may be thinking why on earth would I want to bully myself. The title is in reference to making yourself do what you know you should be doing. If there is a time when you feel as if you should get up then you should get up. If there is a time when you are putting things off stop doing that.

A simple example is if you should clean your room. You know that you need to clean it but you say to yourself “oh I’ll just do it later”. Then later comes and you don’t have time or maybe your just lazy and don’t care. If you take this same mentality throughout your life drastic effects can take effect.

Right now if you are eating fast food weekly and not exercising you will pay for it. Another example is a drug user whom starts off using lightly. Then over time they began to use more. In the process they are becoming worse and worse. This is what you can avoid with being a lazy procrastinating person.