Keeping Inspiration Alive

This is something that I was asked on instagram the other day. At first I was thinking how do I really keep inspiration alive to do the things I do. Inspiration for me comes for everywhere. The reason I am able to stay inspired is because I look at many different things.

For example if I am sitting thinking hmm I would like to watch a vice documentary. Then if I say I want to watch some documentaries on calligraphy or graphic design. One main thing is to not be afraid to fail. Because the first time I did calligraphy I was horrible and the same with graphic design.

Another thing I do to keep inspiration is looking everyday at graphic design blogs and actively searching on instagram. Doing the simple things to be able to stay inspired as simple as possible. Also not forgetting to on instagram not stopping at the first couple results. But by scrolling really far into the results.

There is really not simple way to put staying inspired. Really it all depends upon the person and how much they love what they are doing. Because if you love(enjoy) what you are doing then you will be able to stay motivated and inspired. I really enjoy the creative aspects of design and calligraphy. Simply there is so many things to continually and the show of progress over time.

A great thing to always keep in the back of your head about staying inspired is how much time am I willing to dedicate to master this craft and do I really enjoy this or am I just doing it for the hell of it. I mean you may not want to achieve much in your chosen profession but eventually you’ll get bored and move to the next thing. Do what gets you up in the morning and what you truly know in the back of your heart you’ve always wanted to do.

I am not saying to quit your Job or whatever your currently doing. The main thing is to go about it a a smart way. Therefore you will allow yourself to continually be inspired to make your hobby/passion your source of income.