By over-deliver this is something that you should put into practice. Because when you treat clients as gold they will respect that. Then it will put them into the mind-frame to take you seriously. If you get a client that does not appreciate you and what you are capable of then they don’t deserve to get treated like gold.

When you over-deliver to a client its a sense of accomplishment. Also if you are meeting deadlines ahead and really dedicating yourself to this profession it will pay off. Before your client may have gotten a designer whom took forever to do things and who knows what else. So you want to do your best to stand out among the competition.

Then the next thing with over-delivering is to sketch more. This should be a thing your doing anyways. If you are going straight to the computer before anything stop doing that. But of course doing research is important and etc. Sketching a lot shows the client that you are willing to not settle for the first idea.

Things to remember

Go the extra mile with your clients

Treat your clients like gold

don’t settle for the first idea

Meet deadlines