How to get started Learning calligraphy Pt 2

So you’ve determined what type of calligraphy you want to do and how much you want to spend. Also you’ve done the research that is required for learning calligraphy.

The materials that I started learning calligraphy with was a calligraphy kit. At first I was a little distraught as in this is it. Well I will admit after I realized this kit gives you the basics. Inside you have gouache, 3 fountain pen inks, fountain pen, and a brush and a practice pad and heavy duty paper for drawing calligraphy on. For example there’s cards,wine bottle tags and etc.

Then after I finished the first calligraphy set I then ventured to a higher quality fountain pen. The pen that I bought was the pilot 78g. The nib is a bit sharp and not as wide as others.  Which means you can use it for regular writing as well. I continued to practice and learn with this pen.

Then my next purchase was a cheap calligraphy marker made by a Speedball. The thing about calligraphy markers is that the crispness of the nib wears down afterwhile. I had also purchased another calligraphy kit for very cheap. The real reason I purchased it was because of the book with different fonts. One font that I really wanted to learn was Gothic.

Do not be discouraged by want to be a great calligrapher starting out. The reason is because you will not be. Remember it takes time.