Embrace your crazy ideas

We all have ideas that can seem a bit far fetched and out there. Which therefore may seem useless to act upon. Because we immediately think oh that will be too much work and or it would not work. A good thing that I learned from skateboarding is a quote that I used to write on my griptape “Risk It”.

While risking it may seem as if a fairytale thing to do.  Do it any ways and then you can be happy that you did not settle for less like everyone else does. You have the capability of designing a product that people will want and or creating that website you’ve been sketching and have yet to start wireframing in photoshop or whatever the project/idea may be act on it.

Embrace your crazy ideas and let them drive you. Let them drive you to dream and fulfill your creative spirit’s desire. You only get one shot at life so make it count and the same goes for presenting work to a client/group.