How to Research for a design project

Intricate electrical piping.  SEE ART IN EVERYTHING.

When you are designing for a client or taking photographs this should be done. There is really no reason why you should immediately pick up a pencil and start sketching or pick up a camera and start taking photos. The vast amounts of information that we have available is unbelievable. The process I take when starting a project is well let me show you the steps I take.

  1. I find out what type of industry it is
  2. I research the current businesses,people in the industry
  3. I then research the history of the industry
  4. Look at what others have done in the industry
  5. Find current trends from the past and see if they are being used currently

The importance of doing research before sketching shows that you are actually investing yourself into the project. As well as showing you want to make the project as best as possible. Which should always be a goal for anyone whom is a designer,developer or whatever profession your in. So remember you can never do enough research.