My First Real Graphic Design Job Interview and Tips

This past week I had my first real Graphic Design interview. The position was for a graphic design/web designer position. I will admit I was a little nervous and happy at first to even have an interview. The workspace was great and I could have really seen myself working with those guys.

What I learned was that I need to have more web experience. As you all know I am doing Code Academy classes. You have to remember that now everyone who has a computer and downloads photoshop or another editing program believes they can be a designer. So learn more then just being a graphic designer.

I was told my Design work is very strong now I just have to focus on learning web design. Also to grow my portfolio with more pieces. Which both are things I have started to do with more intensity. Now let me tell you some tips to have a great presentation for your Graphic design Job interview.

  1. Its ok to be nervous that is human nature and you should be worried when you are not nervous
  2. Use the bathroom before you go into your interview
  3. Dress to impress meaning wear dress clothes ( I wore a dress shirt with a Tie and dress shoes) and remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression
  4. Be yourself
  5. Present your work with confidence and show it in use
  6. Have business cards to give and bring at least 5 or more
  7. Shake their hand and give a firm squeeze and introduce yourself (when you introduce each other)
  8. Arrive at least 15 minutes early
  9. If you wear cologne/perfume make sure its a light version and no more then 2 sprays.
  10. After the interview is over thank them for taking the time to interview with you and hand them your business card and ask them for theirs.
  11. Send them a thank you email and say thank you for taking the time to interview me for the position (add more then just a thank you) and be honest in the email.
  12. If you get the position then congratulations and if you did not ask them what you could improve on and what would’ve given you a better chance.

Well I hope these tips will help you get the Graphic Design position that you have been always wanting to have. So keep designing and thanks for reading.

What are some interview tips you can give for going for Graphic Design Job interview?