Learning While Learning


This is a principle that will help you see things in a more clearer perspective. For example you may have a thing that you want to learn or are learning. A good example is learning web design. While your learning web design you should practice what you are learning.

Putting into what you are learning will help you retain and see what you are learning. When you take the time to notice the little things in your process or steps you will be more appreciative. Honestly all of this depends upon you. You and me both have came across a person that claims to be able to do anything.

But honestly what are they good at. They tried to cheat the way learning a skill works. This is the same principle that I apply to skateboarding. You may be able to do an unlimited amount of tricks on your skateboard. But the real question is how often can you land those tricks.

So do not get frustrated with learning and continue to put into use what you learn.

Have a good Monday