How to avoid wasting a day


When you wake up its very easy to let the day just pass you by. Meaning its easy to just do whatever you feel like without having any purpose. Because if you think about how much you could accomplish if you had a structured day.

I am not saying its a think to do everyday if your life does not call for such a thing. But if you want to try it out and see then I recommend it. The night before you have to make the decision the night before that you want to do such a thing. The practice of scheduling you day requires discipline.

Steps to avoid wasting a day

  1. Realize what you need to get done first
  2. Figure out what is most important
  3. Write it down your daily goals/tasks
  4. Focus
  5. Make yourself do what you have set in your schedule
  6. Recap at the end of your day and reflect on other days when you did not schedule your day

Scheduling your day can help you do more accomplish more then other people who do not schedule their day. You may already be scheduling your day and just lack structure and managing your time better. If I for one someone who used to wake up whenever I felt like it to waking up at 5:00 – 5:30 am and having no structure to my day then so can you.