What to do when nobody gives you a chance


When applying for Jobs you can feel as if nobody is giving you a chance. You are a fresh graduate working to improve your skills and portfolio. Then you’ve been applying for Jobs and following up with no luck. What you should do can seem like its going to be impossible to ever find a job in your field.

I for one as you all may or may not know I graduated with an associates degree in graphic design. I will admit I have gotten frustrated when I have not secured a Job. But you know what I did I did not feel sorry for myself and go cry in a corner. I kept going and going and going. I know you are capable of doing the same thing.

Because if you are going through a hard time its not going to last. You will get out of it what you believe you will. If you look up anyone who is famous beyond measure they have went through some very hard times. Here’s some tips to keep you motivated and to keep going.

  1. Read a book related to the field you are pursuing or something related to it (motivational and basically whatever you would enjoy and help enrich yourself and life)
  2. Believe you will get through it
  3. Hustle (learn knew skills and realize what you learned in school only matters a little its what you do with it that does) plus learning is a lifelong task
  4. If you really have love for what you want to do you will do it as often as possible. Do not end up like some people who say they don’t have enough time.


    1. Hustling is something that definitely help someone take a bad situation and turn it into a good one. Because there is always something that we can do to make a situation better.

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