Apartment branding why is it so horrible?


There has been many times when I have seen the logo for complex that is totally different on a business card, Compared to the one on the gate. This could simply be branding not being thought all the way through to the last piece. When you start anything that requires a brand you want it to be similar in every aspect.

If you were for example lets say Nike you would not want to have a Michael Jordan logo on something that is not related to his brand. Then another company example would be Holiday Inn. If you were opening a Holiday Inn branded Hotel you would not just put the word Inn in big letters on the building and put Holiday Inn on your business cards.  It simply would not work because using the word Inn would be confusing and is a word that is used in many different brands.

When you are designing anything think about every aspect of branding. This means from the logo, stationary, building letters and etc. You want people to know what to look for.