How I deal with horrible clients

Mad People!

Many of us no matter what profession we have dealt with horrible clients. Some people talk a big game and act as if they are serious and then just quit. I’ll admit when things like that happens it can be devastating to our motivation. It could also make you feel as if your not good enough for the client.

But you have to remember that there are plenty of clients out there who would actually appreciate a designer who is willing to help them and be honest. Do you best to not get treated like a door mat. Because if you let a client feel as if you need them more then they you need you they’ll take advantage of that.

There also will be times when you will have to fire a client. It may be something that you could not see yourself doing at the moment. But think of it this way would you want to keep communicating with someone who is not taking the Job serious.

So here’s how I dealt with the bad clients that I have had

  1. Communciation: if they are not taking the time to respond quickly within a day or so they will waste your time
  2. If you present a contract and they hesitate signing it they are most likely not committed to it.
  3. Listen to yourself if a Job does not feel right do not take it or pass it off to someone else
  4. Treat your clients good regardless whether good or bad
  5. Remember to be honest with them (it will save a lot of time)

That’s just a few things that I use in my dealing with bad clients. I’m pretty sure there’s more to it then just 5 things.

What are some things that you do when dealing with bad clients?