My Thoughts On UX Design

When I was working on the app design that I created recently I understood UX and UI design a bit more. I feel that it taught me how important to every single detail is. When I started I honestly had no idea what I was doing. Now lets continue on with my overall experience from beginning to end.

Initially with the app design I had wanted to make it functional and make it into a business. The app would be for people who are wanting to be notified of when a blog or website is updated. To notify people of when their site would be updated was by a simple color system.

After I got the logo finalized that helped make everything flow better. I had to think about the color scheme to go with the logo and I tied it into the logo using the colors from a swan.

Then figuring out how the system is going to work that was another thing to figure out. Within the system you had to figure out what icons are you going to use.

But overall to sum it up if you want to really to improve your attention to detail designing an app will help. I definitely would not mind to design another app and that would go live and within a team setting.