Benefits of taking criticism constructively

In whatever profession you have chosen for your life you will have people who want to tell you how to do certain things. Then you will also have people critiquing your performance. If you are a designer like me you will have set through a critique about your work and have gotten some great feedback and other times not so much.

There are some designers who take critique’s personally if someone does not love everything they have done. A couple of the many valuable things I learned while presenting is to always be prepared for the response if a client or professor does not like your work. While they are saying what they do not like telling them what you did and why you did it will not really do much in changing their point of view.

I’m not saying that is not possible for them to change after you explain why you did such and such, just say thank you for the help. The more you defend yourself it is as if it will only make you appear weaker then you actually are. Also it could be that they just did not understand what you came up with.

If you get off of your high horse thinking you are better then you actually are and take criticism constructively, and use it to improve your work it will benefit you tremendously. Because those who have less of an ego will last longer then someone who does.