Luck Is A Made Up Word

Many people have this belief of a thing of you are were you are because you were lucky and whatever other stories/excuses they try to make up. To me I believe that luck does not exist you can be able to make your own path. Which you can call it luck if you want there is not wrong with that.

But working harder then your lazy friends will allow you to get to where you want to. Times can get so hard that you just feel like giving up on everything. You may feel that your in a crappy job and there’s no escaping it. But whether you believe it or not there is always a way to get out. The main thing is do you want to and do you believe you can.

Because lets face it people are lazier then ever they are impatient, play the lottery to win big money when if they put the money spend from lottery tickets they would be well on their way. Don’t get me wrong I did not always used to be this way of thinking about luck being a made up word and or excuse.

It is just that the harder I’m working on myself and my design skills I am seeing the benefits of it. You can do the same if you want to that is. Remember this

What is easy is also easy not do to – Jim Rohn