120 Self Promotion Ideas for Graphic Designers & Freelancers (Free or Almost Free)

This has to be one of the best ideas for self promotion that I have came across online. If you start applying these you will definitely start increasing your exposure. Have a great weekend

1) Give Away Freebies With Your Design Business’s Name and Contact Information.
Go to where your target customers hang out and set up a booth or table. Give out some freebies and a flyer or leaflet as well. Some examples of freebies include free magnets, rubber bands, rulers, note pads, etc. All of these items should have your information printed on them.

(2) Free Demonstrations of Your Services.
Go to local print shops, office supply stores, and other local stores and offer to give free demonstrations of your services. You can also offer lessons as well.

(5) Speaking Engagements.
Contact local schools and associations about classes, colleges, seminars, lectures that you can speak or teach at.


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