Mistakes to avoid when going for an Internship Interview

Recently I was able to land an internship at a local company. I had a couple of internships interviews and some went well and others did not. They were a great learning experience for me. Now I shall share with you what I did wrong.

During my first interview I did not get the internship possibly from not asking enough questions about the Job and what it entails. Then I did not have a printed portfolio to bring. Also the attire I wore my work outfit which probably should’ve been avoided altogether.

The second interview I had I was able to land the internship. Thankfully they were understanding of my faults while interviewing.

So here’s what to avoid doing

  1. Dress to what you feel the culture would be like
  2. Do not have any kind of cuss words on your wallpaper screen on your laptop
  3. Errors on your resume, cover letter show a lack of attention to detail.
  4. Thinking you know what to expect
  5. Do not chew gum

and here’s what to do

  1. If you do not have a printed portfolio, have a portfolio site
  2. Have business cards ready ( you should always keep at least 5 on you)
  3. After you’ve emailed them your resume pick up the phone and call them
  4. Dress comfortably and respectfully
  5. Look your interviewer/s in the eye
  6. After you have gotten interviewed send everyone who interviewed you a thank you email
  7. Before even entering the building for the interview make sure your in a positive mood and believe you can get the job and do the job.
  8. Show up at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time
  9. Demonstrate an eagerness to learn
  10. Make sure to shower before going ( If you plan on wearing a fragrance of any kind make sure its light and to not drown yourself in the scent.) Also do not spray fragrances on your clothes.

I hope these will allow you to be able to land your internship or Job that you’ve been searching for.