Why Businesses should avoid cheap design work

Ever since I first started freelancing I learned about sites such as Elance, 99designs and many others. I’ll admit I was tempted to participate in those sites. Then I learned many many things about such websites. If your just starting your business or already have one, you may think hmm I can get a logo and etc for less then what a talented local designer would charge.

But honestly that reflects in the quality of how your company is represented visually. Many of the big companies they did not skimp on getting a quality design.

For example

Next paid Paul Rand $100,000 for the Next Logo

Pepsi paid $1,000,000 for their logo from the Arnell group

You may not want to be on such a level as those companies, But that does not matter. Your branding reflects on how people perceive your company visually.  Do you remember how Walmart’s branding was and how the stores look compared to now?

Every phone has a camera and over 1 billion people have a Facebook account your company can go from nothing to something overnight. You have to ask yourself if such a thing was to happen to you want to be remembered for the logo design that you paid $50 dollars for and that looks exactly like what someone else has for their business?



Cheap is not always better