The Eames Lifestyle

The Charles and Ray Eames Lifestyle is one of the many that I am still in love with. One of the many things that I am influenced by is how charles and ray did not just stick with furniture design. They both branched out and did other things involving design.

Ray was a painter and Charles was an architect. Ray had said that she felt that what they were doing was still painting just another form of it. Because how quick are we to get used to doing just one type of design. Just think of how much better design would be if we experimented with web instead of graphic or video instead of web.

Remembering that everything you do whether it be work,play or anything that you do daily it is an experiment. The experiment is one that you determine how it will go. Charles and Ray experimented and did what they enjoyed and were passionate about.

If you want to live an Eames lifestyle Watch the PBS documentary The architect and the painter.

After watching the architect and the painter you will get a grasp on how they lived their lives. Minus the love affairs and etc.