How to make a presentation Like Steve Jobs

This video is unbelievably helpful after watching it I really learned how to make a great presentation. Also if you’ve ever watched a Steve Jobs presentation you know how amazing they can be.
Heres the tips on how to make a presentation like Steve Jobs

1.  Set the theme : Make it clear and consistent.

2.  Provide an outline : Open and close each section with a clear transition

3.  Make it easy for your listeners to follower your story

4.  Demonstrate enthusiasm

5.  Wow your audience

6.  Sell an experience

7.  analogies help connect the dots for your audience

8.  Make it visual : little amounts of text and one image

9.  Treat your presentation like a show

10. Give them a show: Identify a memorable moment and build up to it

11. Rehearse, Rehearse