Dieter Rams Principles for Good Design

Dieter Rams is a industrial designer. He designed a bunch of products for  Braun and Vistoe. When I found out about Dieter Rams from watching the objectified documentary I was in awe. His approach to design really made me think about the work that I do. His Ten principles are what I tend to base my work around when i’m in the process. 

1.should be Innovative
2. makes a product useful
3. has to be aesthetic
4.makes a product understandable
5. is honest
6. unobtrusive
7. sustainable
8. is consequent
9. ecofriendly
10. last but least good design is to be less as possible

A lot of Apple products are inspired by Dieter Rams. For example the iMac (the desktop) apple computer is inspired by a Dieter Rams Product. The way I found out was from Watching Objectified Here’s link to the Part 1 of the Full documentary here 


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