Focused Practice vs Regular Practice

The art of Practicing is something that we all do in one way or another. The difference is in what type of practicing we do. There are people who devote hours to practicing their craft. When the main thing is to have focused practice.

I learned before that were times when I was practicing and not truly making much progress. From that I learned that I was not truly getting better. I was not seeing the amount of progress I’d like to have made. Because I was lost in the mind-frame of putting in the hours.

Then I learned the best thing is to practice when you are focused. Instead of devoting hours of distracted practice, there should be a set amount of time you dedicate each day. When I learned to do that has helped me tremendously.

By allowing it to become habitual and thinking of it as a routine that you enjoy. More of than a routine a habit that is beneficial to you. The daily grind of putting in the time to improve your craft takes patience. Because if you are not the type of person who is patient practicing daily may or may not be difficult.

What I am saying is that practicing is good. As long as you are 100% focused when you are working on your projects. If you are distracted when you are in the zone you will not be as productive.

Once you cut out all of the distractions you’d be able to accomplish more than you could before. I learned this makes a big difference whenever I am working on a project and or practicing I do not let myself get absorbed into social media. The mentality of thinking you will miss out on something. When you honestly will not miss out it will still be there.

Cut out your distractions when you are practicing and remain focused.


Getting better with continued practice

When I first started doing calligraphy I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew that after learning more about it I wanted to continue pursuing it. Because I felt why not. My first couple pieces were lackluster. Which is going to be the case for starting anything.

But you know what I did? I kept practicing each day. Some days I would need to recharge and take a day off which I don’t really know if I did or not. But anyhow let me stay on topic. Above is the first calligraphy piece I posted to my instagram.

Below is my most recent calligraphy work that I posted to my instagram.

If you can notice how much cleaner and thought out this piece is compared to my very first one in which I used a dip pen. Because I and you know that the only way to get better is to do the work. Being disciplined is only a small portion of the journey. My words I said to myself in regards to improving my calligraphy was “why not keep going with it and use it as another skill with my other ones in regards to design and it seems more people are doing hand lettering compared to calligraphy”.

If you are not willing to sacrifice to be successful in whatever field you are currently working in or striving to work in remember you will end up getting ran over by someone who will make the sacrifice.