Damn Good Advice (for people with talent) Review

Recently I finished reading this book from George Lois. I did not know what to expect at first. I thought I would get the standard George lecture of an arrogant accomplished man. But I must say it was not anything like that. The book was very enjoyable and a quick read.

Quiet a few of the advice I really enjoyed such as #90 a creative person without a sense of a humor has a serious problem. Just think as creatives if we do not have a sense of a humor that is a problem. Because what we are creating has to be fun and also we have to find humor while creating it.

Then #84 Sometimes the shocking way to solve a forbidding problem is to simply tell the truth. Throughout the whole book there is examples to go along with the advice. This is not a book that’s just full of words. George realizes that as creatives we are visual. This is not a book just for designers I would say it can work for anyone who is in a creative field.

To start off the book there is four types of people you can identify yourself with

1. Very bright, industrious (you’re perfect)

2. Very bright, lazy (a damn shame)

3. Stupid lazy ( you’ll just sit on your ass, so you’re a wash)

4. Stupid industrious (oh, oh, you’re dangerous)

This is a little test or whatever you want to call it at the beginning. This is will allow you to learn a good bit about yourself. Also you will learn how to think a bit different compared to what you learned so far in your life. This is definitely a book worth picking up and giving a read.


Austin Kleon Show your work book review


Recently I finished reading Austin Kleon’s book show your work. I must say that I was impressed by it. The way that Austin writes is so enjoyable. Also reading it does not take a long time which is great for those who like to read books quickly.

There are some things that Austin mentioned such as sharing process in your work online and also doing what I am doing now by writing this book review is a good thing to do. Sharing process allows people to understand your way of thinking and various things more than you just posting a completed project. Because its easy to just show a completed project people are more interested in how you reached the final version of your project.

Here are the 10 tips that are on the back of the book if you don’t care to read the book (which I highly recommend you do).

  1. You don’t have to be a genius
  2. Think process not product
  3. Share something small everyday
  4. Open up your cabinet of curiosities
  5. Tell good stories
  6. Teach what you know
  7. Don’t turn into human spam
  8. Learn to take a punch
  9. Sell out
  10. Stick around

At first I did research on Austins book show your work just to see what others were saying. Then I thought I may not even need to buy it because he gave these 10 tips away. Well do yourself a favor and don’t sell yourself short. Invest in yourself and get this book.


Current Reading list

             This is such a great book small and easy to read with a great formula to follow.

Reading this I am blown away by the quality of this book. Learning the history of design is a great to learn what caused the certain trends and styles. The book is over 6 hundred pages full of design history. This is a pretty big book but i’m making my way through it.

I found out about this book from listening to a Jim Rohn audiobook. After reading the good bit that I have its beautifully written and its a short read. So that means you’ll learn about history very quickly. I definitely recommend getting a copy of this.