Why your tools do not Matter

The Tools you have will not make you a better  artist or designer. If you are fortunate to have all of the tools you are blessed. I mean that because there are people who wish to have what you do. But let me not get off track.

The art of practicing daily until it becomes habitual is not easy. Because when you are a person who practice often it will show. For me I practice calligraphy daily and it shows. Recently I have gotten back into practicing designing more in depth.

Sketching is a very good thing to do frequently. Putting the pencil to paper will you to be not so dependent on fancy gadgets. I say that because it starts with the basics.

The basic tools and skills will help you start out. The thing that will help keep you going is your focus and commitment. Then after you’ve remained focus and committed over time you will eventually get better tools. The best thing is to not forget the basics matter more than the tools.