The Podcasts that I am Listening to currently

The Futur by Chris Do

This podcast is a from the previous group that makes the previous video I posted. Within this podcast what I really like about is how the style of it is. When I listen its as if I am just listening to them have a natural conversation.

Perspective Podcast

What I really enjoy about this podcast is how Scotty is such a cool down to earth guy. The podcasts are not 60 plus minutes like some podcasts. In his short podcasts they are always good and straight to the point and you gain something from them. I definitely recommend checking them out.


Creative Pep Talk

I absolutely love this podcast and the friendly voice of the host. Also the amount of confidence a creative person can gain from listening to this podcast is unbelievable. I will admit when I first started listening to this podcast I was not as confident in my work as I am now. Andy definitely is a gem with this podcast. I definitely recommend check it out.


Drunk on Lettering

This is another fun podcast. In this podcast you will hear roxy and phoebe interview amazing letter artists from instagram on their podcast. While doing the podcast they are drinking and its pretty fun. To me I get the vibe of you going out to have drinks with a friend.


So these are the podcast that I listen to frequently. I do have others that I am subscribed to but I wanted to share ones that I actually listen to. If there are any that you’d recommend please feel free to contact me and share.