Why your ego is the ugliest part of you

When you meet someone that has such a huge ego it is a way to learn about them. What I mean by learning about the person is what they think of themselves. I for one learned that there is no need to have such a huge ego. Because I know that everyone is capable of having the same opportunities as me.

The opportunities are endless even when there seems to not be any available. But let me stay on topic about people having huge ego’s. In every profession you are guaranteed to come across a coworker, friend or etc with a huge ego. The immediate vibe I get from the person who has a huge ego is they feel as if they are above me.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being confident in your journey to where ever it may be. You should not be thinking of people being beneath you. Think differently such as those who are not up here with me succeeding they just need to work harder or want to succeed as bad as I wanted to.

Because to be successful you most likely will not get anyone to take time to lend a hand to someone who has a huge ego. Then over time  you will either be honest with yourself and realize that your ego is the ugliest part of you. So do yourself a favor and not have such a huge ego. If you do have a huge ego learn why you have such a huge ego and also think am I treating those around me with love?

Remember ego’s do not help one to succeed nor do they pay bills.