How to stay wonderful as a Creative person

I feel at times we can forget to be a wonderful person as a creative individual. Also we can be our own worse person which will lead to us being a cruel to others. I like to think of myself as a person that will not let my mentality be towards others nothing more than positive.

Of course at times we can let our emotions get the best of us. But we have to stop and reflect and correct on our mistakes. Even though it may be difficult to do so we have to do it anyways. As well as  taking full responsibility for it.

Staying wonderful as a creative person is a way for us to look at the world different. When we look at the world different it allows us to be an influence on the people around us. But make sure the type of influence you are is a positive one on people.

How to stay wonderful as a creative person

  1. Be kind to those you meet
  2. Realize that you are wonderful
  3. Do not belittle those who create work that is not up to your standards
  4. Empower those who you enjoy being around
  5. never think you are above everyone else
  6. Always be willing to share what you know

There are times when we meet a creative person and they are just disgusting make sure to not be one of those people.