Do not be afraid of making mistakes a Graphic Designer

Making mistakes is a part of life.  If you are not making mistakes then you are not learning. Every mistake is a potential reason for you to protect yourself in the future. By protect yourself I mean use your experience to get further a long in life.

Mistakes can for one seem crazy. For example why on earth would I want to ever make a mistake. Well believe me you will make mistakes. You will make mistakes with under charging clients, Mistakes with file types, and etc. But you cannot let this hold you back and scare you. Learn to embrace them.

Embrace mistakes to learn quicker. Mistakes help you learn quicker and you will be able to make more progress faster. The situation is similar to a person who sits in their comfort zone and does nothing different to get out of it. This is what you call playing it safe and or going with what feels safe.

So do not ever be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes will allow you to move quicker in your chosen field. Whether you want to be a graphic designer, an interior designer, calligrapher, Hand lettering artist you have to fail often. I always want to be learning something knew and failing. Because if I am failing, making mistakes I know I am learning.

An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail – Edwin Land