1 is better than 0

This is a saying that I recently heard Gary vaynerchuk said. I was utterly blown away by it. The reason is because 1 is better than 0. We get so caught up in the numbers and then we forget to put in the work. By putting in the work the numbers will continue to grow.

When I started posting my work on instagram no one gave a damn. I mean if you go back deep into my feed you will see the difference in my work quality till now. Also seanwes had said show up everyday for 2 years. So I took it upon myself that I am going to show up everyday for two years on instagram.

Really focus on playing the long game instead of the short game. Being patient with the whole process and climb. I also believed that my time is coming with getting notoriety. But I did not focus on that from the beginning. By not focusing on getting famous from the beginning allowed me to gain traction and momentum with my work.

The aspect of focusing on long term instead of short term with my graphic design and calligraphy work has helped. Being a graphic designer so many people tend to focus on getting noticed as soon as possible. As long as you are putting in the work and constantly improving it will show. The aspect of being a creative person and or designer its a game plain and simple.

Playing the game of being a creative person you know what to do and what not to do. Our work should be focused on creating long term value. So many people just focus on how can I get paid right here right now. I will be the first to admit I had the same mindset. By that I mean I would largely undervalue my time with client work.

So back to the topic of 1 is better than 0. You cannot think that this is going to happen overnight with getting known. The people who put in the work and do what they talk about will see the results. Many claim to be internet marketer when you know there is no way in hell they can be actually interacting with over 100k followers.

When I first got aggressive with twitter I would follow back everyone who followed me. Then I quickly learned that was not the right thing to do. Because I should be following those who create long term value for me and also who interest me.

So from now on focus on creating the long term value as a graphic designer and or in your profession instead of the short term. Enjoy the climb because its what makes the journey worth it.