10 tips to avoid being depressed as a Graphic Designer

As a creative person depression can set in quickly. Being a designer at times it can feel as if we are not good enough. Because everyone now thinks that they can be a designer.Or why should they pay a designer when they can download the programs and watch a youtube video on design.

When things like that come up it can make you want to quit all together and find a regular job. The other thing is when the clients are not coming in. Then you’ll start questioning yourself in every aspect. Questioning your ability and many other things about yourself as a designer.

Well when you start questioning yourself all you are doing is just making things hard on yourself. Which doing that will help speed up the process of depression. Do not let yourself make yourself depressed.

Here are 10 tips that I use to avoid being depressed as a Graphic Designer.

  1.  I focus on the process. When you take time to focus on the process it will make more sense and you will have a clearer sense of direction.
  2. I trust my judgement. Learning to trust yourself as a designer will be very valuable in your career.
  3. Never settle for the first idea. When you settle for the first idea you’ve already lost. The reason I say that is because the first idea is rarely ever the best idea.
  4. Work hard to get great results. Working hard can be very rewarding. When you know that you have worked hard to get the results you’ve wanted its an amazing feeling.
  5. Take time to relax and or go for a walk. As a designer/creative person we can have our minds cluttered with so many things. So taking time to relax and have a break makes a great difference.
  6. Graphic designers provide value. If you do not already realize this you as a graphic designer or any kind of designer you do provide value.
  7. Your work matters. If you are doing work that you are not passionate about or care much about its only your fault.
  8.  Be honest with yourself. If you know that you lack the skills in one area or program then you need to be working on improving that area. The information is very valuable that is available for free.
  9. Stop being a copycat. By being a copycat I mean looking at design work for days. I mean it is ok to look at design work but there becomes a point where you have to stop.
  10. Be you 100%. Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer make sure you are being yourself. No need to pretend to be something you are not.

well these are 10 tips you can use to avoid being depressed as a graphic designer. If you are experiencing depression do not be ashamed. The reason I say that is because there is someone else out there who is experiencing or has experienced what you are going through. The thing that this is called is self awareness.

If you ever need to talk about anything you can contact me and we can chat if you want.