Learning Calligraphy takes a lot of work

The art of learning how to do calligraphy is something that takes time. You have to be wiling to put the work in. Also you have to deal with the fact that you are going to fail over and over again. Then there are times when you will have to start over completely.

But you know what with this process you develop confidence in yourself and your work. The process of finding a hand (font) to learn and then get comfortable with you can then do it from memory. When that happens you can develop your own style of it. But style is something that will come the more you are doing calligraphy.

There are times when I think of how much calligraphy and brush lettering work I have done and it amazes me. The reason is before I was just playing around with calligraphy. In that sense I did not take it seriously. Also I did not think I would’ve gotten to where I am today. But I always know there is so far for me to go.

Whenever I pick up my pens I know its time to put in work. By that I mean its time to get to work and continue pushing myself. This is something you can apply to whatever your main focus is whether its business, building homes and etc.

And one major thing that got me interested in calligraphy was the history. The history of it is what inspired me. The beautifully written manuscripts and etc still gets me excited. Also how when I was in school we had homework for writing cursive. I’ve always been more of a person who has written in cursive compared to print.