What calligraphy has taught me about graphic design


Calligraphy has taught me many things about graphic design. One major thing is has taught me was how to be more detail oriented. Sometimes being so focused on details can cause a person to lose sight of the overall project. Possibly even so to go even further with ideas and not reach a point of being satisfied.

Calligraphy has also taught me the importance of not being satisfied with just putting out any quality work. Because I want my name to be attached to work that is of good quality and not crap. But when I first started doing calligraphy and posting them on my instagram I did not take this into consideration.

Putting out a piece of calligraphy work everyday was kind of difficult at first. But as time progressed it became easier. The discipline that calligraphy takes is not very easy to grasp immediately. The patience it takes to be a creative individual and to trust yourself I use it in my graphic design jobs.

1. calligraphy taught me that patience is key

Having patience to believe that what you are working on is going to turn out how you can envision.

2.  Trusting yourself

Being able to believe in what you are doing. If what you are creating you do not believe in it then it will be hard to continue progressing.

3. Fail until you get it right

The amount of times I have failed with something so simple as a letter taught me to not give up. Then to keep going no matter what.

4.  Continue to learn how to improve

Continuing to learn is the secret to many things in life. With calligraphy I have to constantly seek out knew styles, history, tools to use and etc. Then focus on developing new styles with my brush pen lettering.


So this is a few things that calligraphy has taught me and how to use them in my graphic design work.  There are many things that you can take from your hobbies and use them in your profession. The good thing about the skills you acquire in whatever it is you do you can combine them and use them effectively.