Why showing up as a Graphic Designer actually works


You may have heard this saying before just show up. Well let me tell you it is working out for me. I have been posting daily to my instagram for over a year and I am almost at year 2. The many days that I felt like quitting has been more than I can count.

But you know what I stuck with it and I am going strong. The effects of it have been working out pretty well. I was able to be contacted based off of the work that I have been posting to do work for a client. Then the other day I was contacted to collaborate with someone.

Mind you this is based off of the lessons I learned from seanwes. A quote from seanwes when he said show up everyday for 2 years. I took that to heart and I said to myself I am going to do what he said and see what happens. Plus I am enjoying the Journey to get to where I envision myself to be.

Many people will not devote themselves to do such a task. We will get bored with something so fast and then move onto someone else and rinse and repeat. We’ll when you curate what you share you will attract the type of clients you want.

If you have an instagram or twitter and you post whatever you are not directly creating the impression of what you are interested in. You may just have an account to post whatever you want. If you look into my instagram you can see that I was not sure of how to use it correctly.

But overtime you tend to see how I shifted my focus and started showing up everyday. Lets be honest many of you are probably lazy. You probably just go to your day job and do your job and go home and are happy with that. Well there’s nothing wrong with any of that. I want to say all of this because if you are wanting to pursue something you have to put in the work and show up.

Even on the day’s you don’t feel like doing anything you have to put in the work. You have to set goals and take action. Because you have dreams but without goals they will just remain dreams. Plus think of how happy you would be if you started staying with something until it worked for you?

Stop giving up and stop giving excuses