Jobs to take while pursuing your passion/career


Well this may be a tough thing to figure out. Well its really not tough at all. You may not like the Job you take while pursuing your dreams. You may end up enjoying your Job while pursuing your passion it will honestly depend on yourself and how you feel about it. Also how bad you want to achieve and be working in your desired field.

The type of Jobs you can take are

  1. Working in customer service part time or full time. Which ever one will allow you to pay bills and not struggle. Because there is nothing fun about struggling to pay bills and etc.
  2. Working in the food industry. This may be for you or it may not. Just think first of what the Job would require you to do and how it will effect you mentally.
  3. This is left blank because you decide upon which Job you will take while pursuing your passion. Not someone else and make sure its not a Job that eats away at your soul.