Vintage Advertisement Designs

Being such a big fan of vintage advertisements I decided to do a couple of them. Using images I found online

and the text is from the companies that the Advertisment is from.

This is my overall view on how I would picture a vintage Adidas ad to look. Using a photo of Bad Bunny along with his Adidas Collaboration seemed fitting to have him in an Advertisment.

Do I need to really say more? The Nike Cortez is one of Nike’s most recognizable and oldest shoe designs that they have created. I decided to create what would be a vintage advertisement using a Nike Cortez. Because We both know they most likely did have magazine ad’s of the Nike Cortez.
The Shoes I decided to use here are from New Balances shoe design called the Redefined futures pack aka The protection pack. Also the model of sneaker is the 2002r by New Balance.The designer behind this shoe did such a great job and they are some of the best shoes I have seen come out of nowhere.
Bass Pro shops is such a Large part of our daily lives in regards to the amount of locations they have. As well as their hats that are ubiquitous and seen on a daily basis. The type of Fishing that this ad symbolizes is fly fishing for trout. A type of fishing I definitely would love to be able to do.