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Make sure you are doing this and not forgetting it


Process Video of working on a calligraphy piece

Above his a reverse process video I shot while working on the piece below. I plan to do more of these while working on calligraphy work and etc. Just have to purchase a tripod first to have the video a bit cleaner and what not.



I am really happy how this piece turned out. The quote is lyrics from theweeknd and the reason I chose to do it was to continue expanding with other words instead of the same thing over and over (positivity quotes). Because I want to let everyone enjoy my calligraphy work.

Have a great weekend everyone.

If you chose not to decide


Remember this and keep it in your thoughts. Do your best to not be afraid of making a choice. Because its so easy to fall into the habit of hoping for a better day and etc. More so hoping for your problems to go away. Which we both know that is not going to happen. Face your problems or whatever your going through head on and you’ll be glad you did in the end.

How to take better instagram photos


I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea how to take photos for instagram. One of the many things that I did was to learn how to take pictures that I would like to see. For example if its interesting to me then out of the hundreds of millions people on instagram, i’m sure someone would find it interesting. Another thing is to be you in your photos.

You have to remember what you post is what people are going to base you on. If you are posting pictures wearing ton’s of jewelry, luxury clothes and etc people are going to expect you are well of. So be careful with doing that. Honestly there is a lot of good people on instagram and a looottt of bots on there. But that could be the same for ton’s of other social networks.

So here are the steps I take when shooting an instagram photo

  1. Stop and ask yourself is this interesting to me
  2. Would this be worth sharing to others
  3. Would this be worth remembering
  4. What would happen if someone close to me seen this
  5. Is this going to be detrimental to my image as a person
  6. Am I sharing to much personal information

Now after those steps now its time to set up your shot

  1. You can either use your built in camera or instagram (prefer to use either one)
  2. Hold your camera straight as possible either landscape or portrait (looking at sideways photos on instagram is really annoying to look at and people don’t really shoot photos like that)
  3. Have fun taking photos
  4. Experiment with what looks right
  5. Use hashtags #
  6. Use filters (really only certain ones get used often on instagram)
  7. Leave comments on peoples photos (its more of a connection then just a like and people seem to appreciate them more)
  8. Like peoples photos

What are some ways you use instagram?